“I can hear the breeze as it moves through the trees, it pushes the leaves to a new destiny.”

-Goldenhair, Shards 

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Based on the novel Shards Of The Glass Slipper Mastered by Hans DeKline, Culver City CA. Concept Album with 13 original songs Professionally recorded Features lyrics composed by the author Available in CD and digital format

Album Notes:

Shards, the fourth album release by Gene Pool Zombie is an album based on the rich fantasy world created by Roy Mauritsen in his epic fairy tale novel, "Shards of the Glass Slipper". Mirroring the novel, the songs in this album portray the struggles, betrayals, burdens to bear, redemption and hope found in the story. Each song portrays a key character in the novel and is Gene Pool Zombie's interpretation of the drama that each character faces. Just as in the novel, this album is epic in nature. It is structured in four distinct sections: Prologue, Journey, Warrior and Myth. Each song, both in its section and the album as a whole, is woven together with distinct motifs and compositional structures thereby creating a musical tapestry as rich as the story it accompanies. Gene Pool Zombie hopes that you find this album as exciting a journey as they had in creating it. From the author: When Gene Pool Zombie first approached me for their fourth album they wanted to base it off my upcoming novel, I was honored to say the least. That, and a little curious as to how they would interpret this fairy tale themed story I wrote. Now, several months later, I'm listening to the final mastered tracks and I stand truly humbled. It's been an incredible journey in between, and I'm eternally grateful to have been part of the process. But moreso I'm proud that my novel will be forever associated with this incredible album from such talented and creative musicians (and all around great bunch of people). A sincere thank you for your magnificent efforts. The musicians: Washington DC-area group Gene Pool Zombie is a power trio comprised of Stuart Ott, Chris Bound, and Martin Leibolt, all of whom have extensive experience in the local and national music circuit. Their work is hard to classify, yet always enduring and poignant. From the aggressive soundscape of "Clocks," to the tenderness of "Take Me Home," they draw on a diverse range of styles including Rock, Jazz, Classical, Progressive, and Dramatic. Gene Pool Zombie has self-produced four albums in their own studio. Chris "Str1ker" Bound is the chief lyricist and vocalist for Gene Pool Zombie. She has a smokey, low alto voice with Celtic overtones and tremendous power. Her lyric imagery is amazing, and her story telling superb. Marty "Neckstrap" Leibolt is GPZ's ace-in-the-hole when it comes to soaring saxophone work and drum mastery. Hailing from the heartland of Ohio, one can hear country nuances merged with progressive jazz phrasing in Marty's playing. Marty also provides lead and background vocals on numerous tracks. Stuart "Cathead" Ott is the chief musical composer for GPZ, and also serves as the Guitarist, Synthesist, Pianist, and Bassist. He has a degree in Music Composition and Theory, and is heavily influenced by Romantic, Classical, and 20th Century music. It is not unusual to hear references to Bartok and Beethoven juxtaposed with 70's Classic Guitar Rock Anthems throughout GPZ's repetoire.

The Music Of “Shards”