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OF course, We can’t feature every character that appears in Shards Of The Glass Slipper, but here is a  look at our main cast. Overall, there are well over a dozen characters and even more fairy tale type  references throughout the series.

Patience Muffet

An innocent girl who had been at the wrong place, but at the right time. Young Patience Muffet had  seen a Fairy Godmother murdered as she hid in Queen Cinderella’s closet. As the Fairy Godmother lay  dying, rather than run, Patience tried to help the mortally wounded fae. Her bravery and kindness were  rewarded by the dying fairy who gave her the broken remnants of Cinderella’s Glass Slippers. Then, as  her last dying act, she magically transported the girl to safety - far from the castle. That had been five  years ago, and now Patience, with the help of her friend Hamelin, has traveled back to the kingdom to  find a proper resting place for these legendary artifacts. It has been too heavy a burden to be the  keeper of such legendary items. What Patience doesn’t realize is that the fairy magic in the Glass  Slipper shards has been guiding her to a higher destiny. Patience and the Shards of The Glass Slipper  are now becoming the one last chance to save Happily Ever After against the very same Cinderella that  had murdered her Fairy God Mother 


If there happens to be any heroic effort by Hamelin, it is only because it is a last resort. Hamelin hid  from being conscripted when an army was formed at the start of the Beanstalk War. Since then he has  been content with being a traveling musician, playing songs on his pipes and uplifting the spirits of  those in the kingdom. He shares a special bond with the girl Patience and they have travelled together  for more than a year. Hamelin hides his knowledge that his musical instrument is actually very magical,  fearing it might draw the attention of the Evil Queen. When played in a certain manner he can  “persuade” all manner of animals to his influence. He does have his heroic moments though, including  rescuing a captive girl in a red hooded riding cloak. 


Feared by some as a wandering witch. Revered by others as a guardian of the forest. They say she can speak with animals...and some say she was raised by bears.     Unlike other characters in Shards of the Glass Slipper, the inspiration of the Goldilocks fairy tale  proved a challenge to incorporate given its vague history. In Shards, the Goldilocks character is named  Mavor Goldenhair. (The name Mavor is a reference to one of the more popular fairy tale anthologies that appeared in 1858, and the name Goldenhair was used in a retelling in 1868.) This character was  developed with additional influences drawn from other characters such as Tarzan, Grizzly Adams,  Gandalf, and even Leeloo from the film,”The Fifth Element.” Goldenhair travels the forests with three  enormous Grizzly bears at her side. She is a powerful young woman, and yet she maintains an almost  childlike innocence with a constant wonderment and mysterious understanding of nature. 

Queen Cendrillon/Cinderella 

A servant girl named Cinderella became a Princess and was destined to rule...But it’s been said,  Absolute Power Corrupts. Years ago, a series of tragic events placed the young newlywed princess on  the Throne as Queen, as the sudden threat of War loomed over the Kingdom like a giant Beanstalk.  These were sad and dark times. Lonely and desperate, the new Queen turned to the only family she  had left—her Stepmother. Eventually, Cinderella came to embrace her Stepmother’s wicked ways. The  Glass Slippers were shattered, and a Fairy God-Mother was slain. Cinderella’s newfound lust for magic  and power is about to destroy her and the whole Kingdom. A last chance to stop the evil Queen has  come in the form of a young girl claiming to have the remains of the fabled Shards of the Glass  Slipper... But will it be too late?

Hansel & Gretel

In the past, their loyalty could only be measured by money. Now, they must choose between their own greed or a greater cause. For this brother and sister, their childhood was marred by death, poverty, starvation, and abandonment. Captured and enslaved by a cannibalistic Witch, they had only themselves to rely on to escape.  Revenge was just the beginning... More than a decade later they are the Kingdom’s most notorious  Witch-hunting mercenary team. But, with the rise of the Witch-Queen Cendrillon, they have been forced to seek other gains – tracking down outlaws to the Throne, trapping bears, and hunting werewolves.

Red Riding Hood

Elizabeth had grown up in a small, secluded village in the woods, unaware that it was a hidden colony  for Lycanthropes. Her parents had given her a new cloak for her twelfth birthday and sent her to stay at her grandmother’s. She was too young to realize that the cloak and the visit were nothing less than a  time honored Rite of Passage. Grandmother was the Pack Elder Werewolf of the Colony, and her bite  would change the young girl forever. Scared, Elizabeth ran away, surviving as a thief, and hunted by the trackers, Hansel and Gretel. It was Goldenhair who found her and helped her realize her powerful  primal gift. Now, she is called upon to protect those traveling with the Shards. But her greatest  challenge may be protecting them from herself. 

General Snow White

General Snow White. She is Commander of the seven remaining Dwarven Clans who have vowed to  overthrow the Evil Queen Cendrillon. Even though her army is outnumbered, it is the last military force  of resistance in the Kingdom. General White had only one focus - using her army of dwarves to defeat  the evil queen and restore the kingdom she loves to a better rule. Time is running out and stakes are  high. She rules her army with strength and purpose. But General White finds her well-controlled plans  have quickly fallen into disarray when outsiders reveal they carry the fabled Shards of the Glass Slipper,  and are brought under her protection.

General Dendroba 

In a plot to gain direct influence over the throne by capturing the next King at birth, several powerful  witches cast a spell to kidnap the destined baby. But the spell proved flawed - unbeknownst to the  witches, the baby they had kidnapped was not to be the eventual ruler. And due to the spell’s mishap,  Dendrobra was born with a hideous frog-like deformity. Regardless, General Phyllo Dendrobra was to be  groomed to be a King, loyal to the witches. Despite his hideous appearance, Dendrobra excelled in  great strength, prowess, intelligence, and ability to command in battle, even in the witches’ black arts.  Then it was discovered there had been a second child. The witches had assumed a male child would  rule. In fact, it was to be Dendrobra’s twin sister, a peasant girl named Cinderella, who would become a  princess, and eventually the destined queen ruler. The witches’ promise to Dendroba was suddenly  abandoned in favor of a new plan to corrupt Cinderella.   Despite their betrayal, Dendrobra remained  faithful to the witches, and when their plan to influence Cinderella succeeded, General Dendroba was  brought in to command the Queen’s Army. Still, it was a far cry from the promise to become King.  General, or Lord Dendroba, excels loyally in his duty, though he despises those under his command and  secretly resents the witches for their revocation, as well as the inexperienced Queen Cinderella. Now  Lord Dendroba and his army have been charged to find and destroy a dwarven resistance army and  capture their leader, General Snow White. Lord Dendroba has another mission as well. The Queen has  secretly ordered him to find the location of the mythical lost ruins of “An End World”- an ancient temple  that houses a portal to the legendary magical realm called “Wonderland.”


For the small band of rebels to save the Kingdom and overthrow Queen Cendrillon, they must first find  the only Witch that would help their cause. Times are desperate and Rapunzel is the only one who,  because of her past, can help them. She must go back to the tower she grew up in and has come to  hate so much. There she must try to reconcile with her witch mother to help the rebels’ cause. It had  been several years since the day she left the tower. Would her adoptive mother welcome her? More  importantly, would she agree to help overthrow her own kind? One of the exciting aspects about Shards  of The Glass Slipper is the ability to explore many fairy tales and what happens after the “happily ever  after.” For the character of Rapunzel, there are numerous unfinished issues. The fairy tale of Rapunzel  deals with fear of growing up, child imprisonment, and abandonment, and even such weighty topics as  unwed teen pregnancy.


A recluse hermit that lives in a small house in a remote section of beach near the sea; a mute that  hobbled about on crutches or by staff. Crippled with bleeding legs. She could not be any happier. But one night, during a storm she rescues a mysterious stranger, and her message to her only friend,  Goldenhair, starts events in motion, that will force Syrenka to face her past to help her friends. Syrenka used to be a mermaid. 

Queen Alice, of Wonderland

Alice has ruled Wonderland for over 300 years. She has brought order to the land of madness. But not  everone in Wonderland is happy about it. By far, Wonderland’s most successful queen, yet there are some within her own court that conspire to  return things to the way they were. When another offlander named Jack enters their world, Alice  befriends him, and a relationship grows between the two. Jealousies arise, but it’s Jack’s presence that  may finally give the conspirators the opportunity to do take down Alice and return Wonderland to chaos.




Red Riding Hood

Queen Cendrillon


General Snow